Hello from the owner!

Hello from the owner!

Hi There Joseph and Rose Followers! Thank you for being there for me all the way! Many of you know me already. For those who don’t, let me share that I am a girl that has always followed her dreams and launching Joseph and Rose, named after both my living parents, is probably the biggest accomplishment yet.

This started a few years ago when I started thinking of ways help people in need. I wanted to start something that would motivate me daily, while giving me extra profits from my regular corporate job. I always loved collecting jewelry and clothes and I have always been a fan of boho-chic style. Loving mom and dad and being so thankful for how they raised me, I found the perfect formula to fulfill all I ever wanted.

This project is me doing what I love the most, working with boho jewelry and outfits while honoring my parents and making extra profits so I can continue doing charity work.

God has blessed me abundantly and I consider a must to give back.

Joseph and Rose is a way to continue helping others, being thankful for all the blessings in my life.