About us

Joseph and Rose

Welcome to my online store! Thank you for your loyalty and support during the time I was working on setting up this site. I appreciate each and every one of you and it is my pleasure to share the story on how it all started!

Joseph and Rose was created following my prayers to God to bless me, so that I could further help those in need. I believe that our journey on earth should be in service to those less fortunate, that they may not hopelessly struggle for the necessities of life. Proverbs 19 verse 17 says: " whoever is kind to the poor leads to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done".

God has fulfilled a desire in my heart, by granting me the opportunity to work on this project that is so personal to me. It is my mission to honor him by giving back. In advance of your purchasing Joseph and Rose products, know that from your sales I will be assisting those in need.

This may be the first time I have publicly spoken of my ambition to serve God by helping those in need. Typically, I humbly keep my altruism to myself. However, I believe the world is in current need of more individuals to do what they can to ensure that no one goes without food, shelter, and love. I feel compelled to raise awareness to my intention of giving. I do so merely to elicit the same from others.

I am not affiliated with a specific established, brick and mortar charitable organization. I choose my moments to give, instances that have touched my heart. I trust in God. I give when He decides to place in my path the homeless—be they people or pets. I will be dedicating a portion of the profit from Joseph and Rose, to put toward feeding or sheltering these souls in need.

Have you wondered: why Joseph and Rose? Joseph and Rose are my loving parents. I love and honor them for raising me to be the woman I have become. God willing, this brand will become their legacy.